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30 Professional WordPress Multi-Purpose Themes For Corporate Websites 2016

30 Professional WordPress Multi-Purpose Themes For Corporate Websites 2016

In our modern economy, marketing is the engine of capitalism. Although there are plenty of details to consider, marketing can be reduced to a simple idea: how well can you advertise, distribute, and present your product or service. It used to be the case that newspaper ads or TV commercial would be the primary advertising platform. In the age of the internet, that has all changed. Gone are the days of insular communities, each having its own unique isolated market.

Our society has gone global, connecting each corner of our planet, resulting in a massive, fused global economy that continuously generates innovation and progress. However, a global online economy implies an overwhelming amount of competition, much more than you would normally have on a local, or national level. The landscape has irrevocably changed, and only the creative business can survive.

Your voice is in danger of getting lost in the crowd, just one business among many. To prevent this from happening, you must express your views and aspirations clearly, in order to maximize your chances. For many companies, WordPress is the ideal platform from which you can achieve this goal. It is a free, egalitarian site that hosts a plethora of business pages and blogs. Here, your background does not matter, just you ingenuity. It is where startups come to flourish, and where bigger establishment expands into the Wild West of the internet. The online medium is without a doubt, the biggest thing to happen since the invention of currency.

A WordPress theme is basically your way of organizing your web page. It includes practical additions such as video players or plugins, and aesthetic elements such layouts and appearance editing tools. It allows you to tailor your page, constantly tweaking it until it reflects your professionalism and dedication towards your craft. People’s attention span is limited, so you only have a few moments to peak their interest until they decide to move on. On the internet first impressions matter, don’t make the mistake of underselling yourself. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the most successful and prolific WordPress professional themes:

X Theme


When creating your personal website, you can get away with many mistakes. However, your professional page is another story entirely. A businessperson’s site is his/her calling card, and it will ultimately reflect the quality of the business itself. X is a WordPress theme that can facilitate the creation of amazing professional sites, and it does not require any specialized web development knowledge. The difficulty barrier has been completely shattered, and even a child can successfully craft a gorgeous page.

After purchasing X, users will receive a large roster of premium features, which were added free of charge. In total, this theme has more than $1000 of value, for the modest $64 price tag. The theme is a blank canvas, a lump of clay that is ready to be shaped by its user. The WordPress live customizer tool was added, and it can showcase changes before they are applied. This function makes it easier for site owners to experiment with different settings for their colors, layouts, posts and pictures. In addition, X is fully responsive, and it has more than 600 Google Fonts. You can even design your own online store, thanks to the popular WooCommerce plugin.


Divi WordPress Theme


Elegant and proud of it, this theme is at the pinnacle of professionalism. Divi should not be viewed as a theme, but as a versatile tool that allows you to build your dream. Many people are intimidated by the notion of coding, and the painstaking algorithms that it implies. With the Divi builder, you are able to make and edit your own aesthetic layout, without having to learn a single line of computer code. It also offers you the freedom to change your mind, and tweak each detail until you think that it is perfect.

If your time is limited, the package also includes some interesting default designs. With over 18 completed layouts, you can simply apply one of these excellent starters. As time passes, you will have the option to modify the pre-made layout, and make it yours.

What the web designer sees, and what the customer sees, are often different things. Some pages have trouble adapting to the large variety of devices. Divi has an extremely responsive design that never fails to reach your clients, regardless of their computer or phone. For more information about Divi theme and its outstanding functionality you can read this detailed review.


Avada Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme


Without a doubt, this is Themeforest’s most successful product. They proudly claim that the customer will not need any other WordPress themes, after experiencing the quality of this one. Avada is their passion project, and they are eager to show it to you.

The biggest update that this product has ever had, was recently added. This proves to the client that the developers are standing by their theme, and they are constantly tweaking and updating it. Its page builder feature is astonishing, it successfully blends elegance of design with amazing practicality and user friendliness. Avada’s versatility also includes the ability to control your site’s dimensions, altering its width. These developers have also demonstrated their willingness to listen to feedback as they have added a Home Page sidebar and a Default Sidebar. This binary sidebar has been requested by many clients. Also, given the variable width, now your page can support a larger number of columns.




Multipurpose WordPress themes are not new on the block. However, what you get with Boson professional multipurpose theme is a drag and drop page builder. This addition comes in handy with many different business and portfolio. It is a very responsive theme, this means Boson very efficiently adapts to different screen sizes. So when you go ‘maximize’ or ‘restore’, Boson goes with your page succinctly. You will love the consistency when it changes for sure.


Erika – Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme


If your site has a lot of potential, Erika may help you shape that potential into something truly remarkable. The theme Hook allows you to create your own personalized headers, although the package already includes 3 default header designs. Its Mega menu is extremely versatile, as it allows customers to personally insert HTML lines into the Mega Menu context.

Not contempt with its already sizable package of features, Erika has also included the best Page builder in the industry. It is proud to insert the Blackend Page, and the Drop Frontend page builder options. Some of its other features include the 3 Header layout, the 5 pre-built Homepages, the SEO optimization and the fact that it is 100% Retina ready.

Erika has a 4 blog configuration, and online portfolio feature, a Mobile sidebar menu, and over five hundred icon fonts. You can also establish an online shop, thanks to its WooCommerce compatibility. Overall, this theme is great for expressing professionalism and proving to your clients that you mean business.


Marine Responsive WordPress Theme Multi-Purpose


Great for freelance businesses and start up companies, this WordPress professional team can give you the necessary tools for success. It is optimized for search engines, increasing the likelihood of exposure. Its visual composer allows for the customer to modify and enhance the current theme, while still offering 9 default skins for your home page.
It has 4 variations of side menus, a one page functionality system, and over 30 styles for your business portfolio. Even page transitions are customized, with 8 distinct flavors to choose from. If you want to add more to the already impressive layouts, the product offers a powerful short code managing system, a short code list, and an exquisite page builder tool.
Marine has an extremely versatile theme options panel, that lets you edit every aspect of your page’s aesthetics. It supports online stores, given the inclusion of the Woocommerce plugin. It may adapt to any screen, making it highly responsive, and it is also retina ready. They constantly adds more updates, further improving the basic package, while giving you the freedom to alter any color on your business page.



amax - professional multipurpose theme

Amax is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that has an almost limitless supply of useful features. It is designed to adapt to all websites, regardless of their niche. Amax has incorporated the versatile Visual Composer plugin, with an addition 15 content elements that are sure to improve your experience. Some default settings were extended: row backgrounds, animations, colors, row fancy edges and many more. In terms of sliders, you can choose between two of the most popular plugins on WordPress: LayerSlider and Slider Revolution. Regardless of what you choose, the result will be amazing. There are several options for your page title, as you can select the background color, pre-determined parallax effect, or image. Amax has a total of 3 header layouts, with the option to configure a transparent or custom background.

If you are a new WordPress user and you wish to learn more about this theme and its features, be sure to check out the theme overview video explanation. It can explain the primary features in detail, and it only last 4 minutes. There is also a live preview available, along with some interesting screenshots. Amax gives you complete creative control over your own website, resulting in a unique site that can overshadow its competition. To find out more about this theme you can read this detailed review.



osmosis - one page parallax scrolling

Osmosis is a theme for the modern age. All elements and features are designed to enhance the look and performance of your site, leading to a quality experience for all customers. This product is completely responsive. It works on all platforms and devices, regardless of screen size or resolution. Your content is sure to look amazing on smart phones, tablets, and high resolution retina displays. With Osmosis, the customer is given a wide range of choices, as personalization is a key component of any quality experience. The Options Panel is constructed using the versatile Redux Framework, offering many customization options that alter the core features of this theme. When it comes to page building, even the most inexperienced novice can create some eye-catching sites. This is due to the fact that Osmosis has incorporated the Visual Composer by WPBakery. This gives you creative control over your own posts, pages and portfolio items. There are over thirty elements available.

With this theme, you can commercialize your items or services. You are able to construct a personal online shop in a very short amount of time. This is made possible by one of the most popular plugins on WordPress: WooCommerce. Those who wish to change the aesthetic elements of their page can interact with the color customizer. Personalized skins can be presented in unique and interesting ways, thanks to the backend color pickers. With all of these options for customization and optimization, you can create a site like no other. The synergy between Osmosis features is what makes this theme great. Images, titles, videos, sliders, and maps can all work together in order to represent your vision. You may also alter the alignment and color of your page titles. The typography is elegant and classy, adding a layer of class and sophistication to your content.


Maxim – Simple Company and Lawyer Theme


How to convince clients of your professionalism? Well, purchasing the Maxim WordPress theme would be a great start! It is sleek, simple and professional. It just screams elegance and class, while maintaining an efficient and informative page layout. It is ideal for small or medium sized companies, that are trying to enhance their online exposure. No bling, special effects or unnecessary sparkle, there is beauty in its discrete yet luxurious layout.

To help you begin, the developers will give you a starter XML so you can get a good idea of what should be expected of your page. You have absolute freedom, so as time goes on and you accumulate greater ideas, you will be able to modify your profile and improve your chances. It should be mentioned that this theme is also highly responsive.


Total – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


It is not a cliché to say that for a business person, time is money. Every minute is valuable, and you can’t spend a long time on setting up your website or learning complicated lines of coding. Total is designed to facilitate that process, and provides you with the layout editing tool that will not waste your valuable resources. Using this versatile theme, you will be able to create a wide array of web sites, viable for any field of activity. Users simply love it, and their multiple 5 star reviews are a testimony to its quality and reliability.

For site construction, Total features an exquisite Front-End Drag and Drop builder, along with a limitless variety of color patterns. Custom fonts also enhance the experience, giving you more options to tinker with. It is obvious that this theme was a passion project for the developers. The support system is great, and it experiences regular updates that further improve its quality. Total’s name is indicative of its quality because it provides the whole package.

It has multiple page layouts, and a Front-End Page builder. You can modify the height of your headers and interact with the Advanced Redux Admin Panel. This theme also includes crisp animations, advanced meta options, video lightbox galleries, and custom menus for each page. It is optimized for search engines and it runs great, and it is compatible with Woocommerce. It really went for the kitchen sink approach.


Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme


As its name suggests Salient is a WordPress professional theme that can fulfill multiple purposes. It can be used on all types of sites, but its true relevance is with professional business sites. It has a Drag and Drop page builder, and a wide array of team options. It is retina ready and it can be used to install Woocommerce. Salient uses a simple shortcode generator, some wide and boxed layouts and features a limitless number of colors.

The theme offers Premium exclusive slider, and an informative video tutorial series. If you are unsure, and have not decide if you should buy, the product includes demon for many features, so you will be able to make an informed decision regarding the transaction. It page builder is quite versatile, allowing you to construct a page from the ground up. It is fully customizable, and it is possible to edit every single feature. The option panel cover the most import choices, further increasing its user friendliness.

Salient has a state of the art premium slider, developed by the innovative Theme Nectar. It permits swiping, video background assistance, Hardware acceleration and loop options. The tutorial videos are fully narrated, accessible to any English language speaker. The default portfolios are gorgeous, versatile and extremely easy to implement. Salient is optimized for search engines and offers a wide array of changeable icons. View the gallery and decide what you want!


BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


You can always tell when the developers are passionate about their project, because they are willing to constantly tweak it and add continuous updates. It is viable for WordPress 4.0 and has plenty of features, all just a mouse click away. They pride themselves in always listening to their community’s feedback, and constantly modify their features.

A total of 49 demos are included, BeTheme appreciates any amount of customer response to what they are doing. A wide array of businesses is using it, from plumbing services, to search engine optimization companies and minor law firms. Their vast customer base is indicative not only of the quality of the theme, but also of its versatility. No single product can satisfy such a wide niche without having some serious customization features. After you install it, the world is your oyster. After a web page is set up, there will always be the option to go back and mess around with the features, in order t hand craft your ideal web page. By purchasing BeTheme, your small or medium sized business will get the head start that it deserves.


Brooklyn – Creative One Page Multi-Purpose Theme


Themeforest is filled with great WordPress professional themes, yet Brooklyn manages to stand out as one of the best. Compatible with WordPress 4.0, this theme is highly flexible, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. It is a versatile parallax theme, that succeeds in adapting to the customer’s needs. If need be, it may also be used for your personal website, it is not restricted for business use.

As is the case with all quality themes, constant updates are improving the already impressive product. It is currently at version 2.6, with more to come. For the undecided, 12 unique demos are on offer, that allow the customer to experience the theme without having to commit to a purchase. It has a great portfolio management system, with 3 different, interesting showcases. Brooklyn features plenty of media support, with built in tables. It is translation ready, granting its wide appeal and accessibility for an international audience.

It currently incorporates a slider revolution, and it offers customers a free support service. This theme’s greatest advantage is its limitless potential. You can shape and mold into whatever you want.


Flat Responsive WooCommerce Theme


Unlike any other WordPress professional themes that have an overall approach, this theme specifically targets the commercial niche. It can utilize the WordPress 4.0 platform and it is compatible with WooCommerce 2.2.

It has free Lifetime Updates, Online Documentation, the catalog mode option and it includes a child theme. Featuring SCSS files and a SEO optimized programing, Flat is definitely prepared for the highly competitive online marketplace. Be sure to check out their video tutorials and cool banner layouts.

Other features include the shortcodes that allow for home page customization, the portfolio pages, the versatile sidebars and a Facebook compatibility plugin. The design looks beautiful as it is custom made, and it gives you the option to modify all of its features. The pre designed banners have crisp animation, and there is also plenty of dummy content.


Patti – Parallax One Page WordPress Theme


Designed to satisfy any type of creative or business need, Patti is a WordPress theme that stands out through its elegance of design, and simplicity of implementation. It uses the acclaimed Revolutionary One-Page building system, and provides its customers with a hand crafted, beautiful site.

If you do not know how to create your own web page, no problem! The developers have set up a nifty video tutorial that explains everything in detail. No prior knowledge is required, all you need is Flash Player to view the video. Upon its purchase, Patti comes with a total of $59 in goodies. It has a visual composer, it uses Slider Revolution technology and it includes the Templatera Addon. These plugins are necessary for any business that wants to take itself seriously. It is also mobile ready, so you are not restricted to your computer if you wish to browse. They have added Google fonts for more customization, and it is also Translation ready. The update system and the support service are absolutely free, given that you purchase the original theme.


Savia – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


As its title suggests, Savia is perfect for a wide array of purposes. You can not have versatility without a massive amount of useful features that allow for customization. Thankfully, this Responsive, HTML5/CSS3 theme is perfectly suited for most pages.

Design elements such as dazzling effects and animate page components are used to spice things up and give your site a little bit of individuality. When customizing your page, it is better to use the live preview feature first, because it lets you visualize the result without having to commit to it. This great theme also includes Google Fonts, a nifty Revolution Slider, a FlexSlider and jCarousel. All of this customization may seem daunting at first, but it requires no special training at all. Basically, if you can use a computer, you can personalize your page.

It can be viewed on both mobile platforms and personal computers, and it is based on the Skeleton CSS Framework. If you have a specific product that you wish to sell, Woocommerce is enabled, providing a safe and reliable online store. Multiple browsers are supported, and the theme also features 10 specific menu styles. If you wish to try it out, feel free to experience their demo.


Dante – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


Dante is a theme that was crafted for an expansive international market. It features multi-lingual support, given that it is available in Bulgarian, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Dutch and Russian. It receives constant updates, and its latest version was released on the 20th of August in 2014. This patch added a Full width header feature, a row option for its page building tools, and Tabbed meta boxes. This is one of those themes that more than pays for itself in the long run.

It offers plenty of goodies with its basic package, as it contains every element necessary for starting a reputable business. It is constructed by using the Bootstrap Framework, giving it unparalleled mobile accessibility. The page’s viewport dimension can increase, basically displaying 12 entire columns. In order to give you more control, Dante includes a Visibility Shortcode. This theme is basically a sandbox, letting you play around and experiment as much as you want. Great for simple and complicated web pages, any small business or blog can enjoy this purchase. It is retina ready, compatible with any retina display. Dante includes a wide array of shortcodes, and it is WooCommerce compatible.


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